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Omega Seamaster Replica Watches has created another masterpiece in the art of watchmaking. "Stranger", a music box that emulates classical music, plays Frank Sinatra’s "Strangers in the Night," either at the hour or when requested. Dieter Meier, a well-known musician and brand partner, has signed this innovative wristwatch.

The Swiss company has a rich and long tradition of producing timepieces that have a musical soul. Examples include its "Genghis Khan", "Alexander the Great Westminster Tourbillon", and "Alexander the Great Westminster Tourbillon". Omega Seamaster Replica Watches has taken a step further with "Stranger" by incorporating silicium for the escapement, anchor and its UN-690 mechanical movements.(Replica Watches) The 64-jewel movement has a power reserve of 48 hours when fully wound.

The crown is operated by pushing the pusher, rather than pulling it out as in the past. This masterpiece in watchmaking allows the owner to adjust the time with exceptional ease.

The "Stranger", a limited edition of 99 rose gold pieces, was unveiled this week to a group of select guests in Zurich, Switzerland.

The Watch with Musical SoulThe timeless song "Strangers in the night", Frank Sinatra’s biggest hit in 1966, is the perfect melody for the newest development of a musical self-winding watch.Omega Replica The new "Stranger", a combination of aesthetics, functionality and music, represents the fusion between time and music.

By pressing the pusher, you can hear the melody "Strangers in the Night", either on demand or at regular intervals. The integral pusher crown can be used to set a few different functions. To do this, simply turn the crown to the left or right. At 10 o'clock, the on/off button is located. It allows the musical mechanism either to be activated or deactivated. The melody can be set to play every hour or never.

The Omega Seamaster Replica Watches novelty is a combination of high tech and artistic-musical components. This masterpiece of watchmaking took engineers more than five year to create.

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