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Sinn Replica with Horse Motif in Grisaille EnamelThis Cartier's masterpiece showcases another rare and ancient enamelling technique, called grisaille after a term for painting executed entirely in monochrome or near-monochrome. At this dial, the brand's artists used marine blue as the base for the palette of white shades, which wonderfully depicts moonlight and shadows on the mane of an Andalusian horse. It took almost 40 hours for the enamelling of the single dial, starting with brilliant blue enamel that was later treated with Limoges white in a series of six to eight different firings.

The white gold dial is framed with 61 brilliant-cut diamonds that cover a rhodium-coated 18 karat white gold case, inside which a Calibre 430 MC hand-winding mechanism beats. Available in the limited series of 80 pieces, the Sinn Replica with Horse Motif in Grisaille Enamel comes with a stylish semi-matt black alligator strap, with a double adjustable folding buckle in white gold set with 43 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Sinn Replica Watch with Lion Motif in Straw MarquetryThis is definitely the most unusual model in the Cartier's Metiers d'Art Watch Collection 2013, distinctive by the technique and by its material which are rarely seen in watchmaking. As a matter of fact, the renowned French watchmaker started using straw for its watches two years replica watches By using the old Eastern technique which was brought to England in the 17th century, Cartier's artists created a stunning motif of the lion's head. In order to mimic the varying shades of wood, veneer, wheat or oat straw has to be split and soaked in water. Furthermore, strips are ironed to reach warm shades and silky brilliance.

Thanks to the richness of shades, from pale gold to deepest dark brown, you can see a great number of details on the feline's head and mane, emphasized by different perspectives and creatively cut shapes. The background of the dial is crafted in yellow gold, while a perfectly round and polished case comes in 18 karat pink gold. It incorporates a beaded crown set with the brand's signature, blue sapphire cabochon. A semi-matt brown alligator strap with a double adjustable folding buckle in pink gold nicely matches the main shades of the dial. Through a sapphire crystal case-back, you can see a Calibre 9601 MC hand-winding mechanism. The Sinn Replica watch with the lion motif in straw marquetry is created in the Limited Edition of 70 pieces.

Sinn Replica Flying Tourbillon Watch with Cameo Crocodile Motif in Natural Agate By reaching both aesthetical and technological perfection, this timepiece deserved to be singled out as the greatest creation in the collection. Of course, this is just my opinion and there is no doubt that many of you already have different favorites.blancpain replica Bold relief and sparkles of light executed in the technique of the cameo, as well as subtle gradations of blue in its natural agate, make the crocodile motif so natural and vivid, looking as if it is just emerging from the water. Beautiful shades of the agate, ranging from blue-tinged black to shimmering white, demonstrate great expertise of the brand's craftsmen who achieved the high artistic level without damaging the stone.

Right below the wild animal, there is an aperture to reveal one of the most precious haute horological complications, a flying tourbillon with seconds indicated by the carriage in the form of the brand's signature leather C. Also visible through a sapphire crystal case-back, the Calibre 9452 MC hand-winding mechanism has the Geneva Seal certification. The case of this Sinn Replica watch is made of 18 karat white gold and it is available with a black semi-matt alligator strap. This exquisite watch is limited to just 30 pieces.

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